Thursday, 11 May 2017

Des Hunt - Author Visit 2017

Room 4, 5 and K were very lucky to have the author Des Hunt come and share his experiences with us. Des Hunt loved Chemistry and managed to make his books more exciting by adding in his love of chemistry to make his books have interesting story lines.

What was your favourite part of Des Hunt's talk? and why?

Room 5 was introduced to Nicki, Bodhi's pet budgie!

Can you think of 3 activities Nicki likes to do for fun? and how does Bodhi care for Nicki?
If you were to get a pet budgie what would you name him or her?

We have been learning about character descriptions, what physical and behavioural traits does Nicki have?

A Visit From Harold and Megan - Life Education 2017

Harold likes to be a digital citizen and make good choices. How does Harold use the word THINK to be a good digital citizen? What does THINK mean?  

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Life Education in Room 5

Life Education is focused around being a digital citizen. What is a digital citizen? Can you write down 3 things you learnt in the Life Education bus?

Problem Solving in Room 5

In Room 5 we have been learning four different strategies for addition problems. The four strategies that we have looked at are doubling, number line, nearest ten and adding tens and ones. What strategy do you like using and why?