Thursday, 2 March 2017

Art in progress

We are using the pastel techniques we have learnt to draw our buddies portrait! What do you like most about pastel art and using the techniques?

Room 5's Art Project has started... watch this space!

Room 5 has been loving our swimming lessons in the pool this term so we have decided to base our art around swimming. We are using the artist called Warren Visceo. Warren creates sculptures that resemble people in different positions wearing towels.  Check out this photo... it is inspiring us to create our own pieces of pastel art:

We have started off our learning by making observations and learning about different pastel techniques. Watch this video to learn more:

What technique is your favourite? 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Cole brought in some exciting news today.... Large Crayfish anyone?

Today Room 5 was treated to a marine experience... a large Crayfish!

We took the opportunity to write about our real life experience. 

In our writing sessions we have been working on describing our senses... I heard, I saw, I felt and I wondered! 

When observing the Crayfish we used these senses to describe what we could see, hear, feel and any wonderings we might have. 

Here is a photo and video of our little beady eyed friend... 

Garden to Table with your Buddy Class - Room 7

Over the school holidays we had some raised planter boxes planted at school. We have paired up with Room 7 (Our Buddy Class) to plant some vegetables. We surveyed between the two classrooms to see what vegetables were most popular. Carrots and Lettuces came out on top and we had a go at planting them on Friday.

Next week we will make some informative signs about how to care for our plants as well as some nutritional information about our veggies.

Beach Cleanup Day

Finally Oakura was blessed with a sunny day for Beach Cleanup. It was awesome watching the children look after their beautiful environment. Every little bit we can do to clean up our world makes a big difference to our future.

We talked about safety around picking up rubbish as well as how to cross a river safely but it's safe to say that the river swim and sausage sizzle were the class highlight.

A massive thank you to FOOS for providing the sausage sizzle and all of the parents who helped with walking the children down to the river and supervising the swim.